Astrakhan  is a major city in southern European Russia and the administrative center of Astrakhan Oblast.

There are about 120 big and medium enterprises in Astrakhan Oblast, the most number of which is in Astrakhan.

Fuel and energy complex occupies the main place, engineering and chemical industries are also developing sectors here.

More than 500 000 people live in the city.

 Astrakhan features a steppe climate with cold winters and hot summers. Winters tend to be cold in the city, though by Russian standards, Astrakhan features relatively balmy winters. Summers in the city can be hot with high temperatures in excess of 40°C. Spring and fall are basically transitional seasons between summer and winter. Winter usually begins on 15-20 November, while summer early in May. Summer is very hot, the average temperature of July is +25,2 °C.

The average annual temperature is +10,1 C°

The average annual wind speed is 3 metres per second.

The average annual air humidity is 70%

Astrakhan has 12 institutions of higher education. Most prominent among these are Astrakhan State Technical University and Astrakhan State University.

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