Bryansk is a city and the administrative center of Bryansk.
The distance from Moscow is 380km.

The climate is moderately continental. Winter is notable for changeable weather - from bitter frosts to prolonged thaw, summer is wet, and heat is rare.

The highest temperature ever recorded was +37,6 °C in July 1936 and the lowest is -41,8 °C which was registered in January 1940.

The average annual temperature is from +4,5 °C to +5,9 °C.
The warmest month is July with average temperature 18-19 °C
The coldest month is January with the temperature -7,2,-9,0 °C

Bryansk is an industrial city, it is an important center for steel and machinery manufacturing, and is home to many large factories. Chemical, electrotechnical, woodworking, textile and food industries are also developing in Bryansk.

Municipal system of education consists of 188 educational institutions:

  • 76 comprehensive schools
  • 98 preschool educational institutions
  • 10 art centers

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