Baltic State Technical University named after D.F.Ustinof

Baltic State Technical University named after D.F.Ustinof  (Voenmeh) is a major Russian military technical university situated in Saint Petersburg.

Previously it was known as the Leningrad Mechanical and Military Mechanical Institute. In 1992 it was reorganized into state technical university.

It is situated in a historic center of the city. In the formation of the institute there took part such notable figures of science and technics as A.A. Blagonravov, M.F.Vasiliev, I.I. Ivanov, V.A. Mikeladze, B.N. Okunev and others. From its foundation the university has graduated more than 60 thousand specialists, among which there are outstanding figures makers of artillery and rocket and cosmic technics: M.N. Loginov, F.F. Petrov, E.G.Rudyak, V.F. Utkin, D.I.Kozlov, famous cosmonauts G.M. Grechko and S.K.Krikaliov and many others.

There is the faculty of additional military education in training reserve officers for Russian navy in 9 military specialties of rocket, artillery and humanitarian profiles.


  • Faculty of Aircraft Jet Production
  • The Aerospace Faculty
  • Faculty of Physics and Mechanics
  • Faculty of Arms and Armament Systems
  • Faculty of Information and Control Systems
  • Faculty of Mechatronics and Control
  • Faculty of Applied Mechanics and Automation
  • Faculty of International Industrial Management

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