Far-Eastern National Technical University

Far-Eastern National Technical University (FENTU) is probably the most remarkable one amongst higher educational institutions in the Russian Far East.

It was founded on 20 February 1930 as Far-Eastern polytechnic Institute named after V.V. Kuybyshev and in 1992 got the status of the university and became Far-Eastern State Technical University.

In 1970 it was given the Order of the Red Banner.

In 2010 FENTU was decided to be reorganized into Far-Eastern Federal University.

FENTU trains bachelors, engineers, masters in full-time and extra-mural studies.

The teaching staff of the university consists of more than 800 people (about 150 professors, more than 100 academics, 450 candidates of Science and associate professors, more than 50 laureates of state prizes).

The Far-Eastern National Technical University has number 7 rank among technical universities, according to the Ministry of Education of Russia The FENTU is the member of the International Association of the University Presidents (IAUP), International Association of Engineering Pedagogics (IGIP), nine international associations and societies, the University maintains international communications with 54 educational and research institutions in 19 countries of Europe, Asia and America.

The FENTU is the head institution within the of Far Eastern Regional Center for Higher Education Curriculum and Methodology, which unites 52 state and private institutions of higher education in the Russian Far East, including those in Republics of Buryatiya and Yakutia, Primorskiy and Khabarovskiy krais, Amur, Kamchatka, Magadan, Sakhalin and Chita oblasts.


There are 16 FENTU's Institutes:

  • Institute of Civil Engineering
  • Mining Institute
  • Natural Science Institute
  • Maritime Institute
  • Institute of Architecture
  • Institute of Humanities
  • Institute of Radioelectronics
  • Information Science and Instrument making Engineering
  • Institute of Mechanics
  • Automation and Advanced Technologies
  • Pacific Institute of Politics and Law
  • Institute of Economics and Management
  • Institute of Ecology
  • Institute of Distance Education
  • Navy and Engineering Institute
  • Institute of Integrated Educational Systems
  • Institute of Professional Improvement and Retraining of Teaching Staff.

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