Saint Petersburg Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics

Saint Petersburg Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics

is one of the oldest universities in Russia. Professional training of specialists began in 1900 when at Industrial School of Cesarevitch Nikolaj in St.Petersburg there was opened mechanical optical and clock department. Further that department was reorganized into Leningrad technical secondary school of exact mechanics and optics and later it became Leningrad Institute of exact mechanics and optics (LIEMO).

During the years of its activity the institute has been developing as a technical institution of higher education training engineers.  In 1980 LIEMO was given The Order of the Red Banner of Labour. In 1994 the institute was given the status of the technical university.

The University ITMO is a leading Russian school in Information and Optics Technologies. Currently the University ITMO provides educational services, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, in approximately 35 specializations related to Information and Computer Technologies, Computer Science, Optical Engineering, Physical Engineering, Optical Technologies etc. Through the last three years, and using substantial governmental support, amounting approximately to EUR18,000,000, the University has been rebuilding itself as an Innovation University. In this connection it is worth mentioning that the University hosts the biggest in the City of Saint Petersburg Innovation Technologies Center together with a Business Incubator intended for supporting, among other purposes, innovation activities of students and graduates.

The rector of SPRUITMO is Honoured Science Worker of the Russian Federation. According to the State Educational Standard of Russia in the university there realized a multilevel system of high vocational training: bachelor's degree - 4 years, qualified specialist - 5 years, master's degree - 6 years. Educational plans of training allow students to choose the degree of training during their studies. Besides the whole system of education in the university is aimed at demands for the graduates of SPRUITMO.

The university is divided into 9 faculties, which are divided into 49 departments. 7 departments are affiliate departments and are marked by asterisk.

  • Computer Technologies and Controlling Systems Faculty:

o   Computing Techniques Department

o   Computer Systems Design Department

o   Electrical Engineering and Precision Electro-Mechanical Systems Department

o   Navigation Informatics Department

o   Control Systems and Informatics Department

o   Informatics and Applied Mathematics Department

o   Safety of the Information Technologies Department*

o   Machine Design of the Onboard Electronic Computing Equipment Department*


  • Humanities Faculty:


o   Management Department

o   World History Department

o   Culture Science Department

o   Applied Economics and Marketing Department

o   Sociology Department

o   Financial Management Department

o   Physical Culture and Valeology Department

o   Philosophy Department

o   Economics Theory and Business Department

o   Foreign Languages Department

o   Ecological Management Department*


  • Natural Sciences Faculty:


o   Physics Department

o   Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Department

o   Vocational Training Technologies Department

o   Higher Mathematics Department

o   Optical Information Systems and Technologies Faculty

o   Applied and Computer Optics Department

o   Optical-Electronic Devices and Systems Department

o   Optical Instruments Computerization and Design Department

o   Physical Optics and Spectroscopy Department

o   Optical Technologies Department

o   Ecological Instrument-Making and Monitoring Department*

o   Systems Engineering of the Optical Devices and Complexes Department*


  • Physical Engineering Faculty:


o   Laser Technologies and Applied Ecology Department

o   Quantum Electronics and Bio-Medicine Optics Department

o   Thermal Physics and Energy-Physical Monitoring Department

o   Optical Communications Physics and Technology Department

o   Electronics Department

o   Solid State Optoelectronics Department


  • Precision Mechanics and Technologies Faculty:


o   Engineering and Computer Graphics Department

o   Instrument-Making Technology Department

o   Material Science Department

o   Mechatronics Department

o   Measurement Technologies and Computer Tomography Department

o   Informational Technologies and Programming Faculty

o   Computer Technologies Department

o   Information Systems Department

o   Computer Educational Technologies Department


  • Photonics and Optical Informatics Faculty:


o   Computer Photonics Department

o   Optical Material Science Department*

o   Optical Physics and Modern Natural Science Department*

o   Photonics and Optical Informatics Department

o   Optics of the Quantum-Scale Systems Department

o   Innovation Technologies Center

o   Museum of Optical Technologies


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