Kostroma is a city in Russia located on the Volga River, it is the administrative center of Kostroma oblast, a big river port. The population is 269 711.

Kostroma was founded in XII century.

The climate is moderately continental . The annual average temperature is +3,8 C°. The annual average wind speed is 3,1 meters per second. The annual average air humidity is 79 %.

Kostroma is the old center of textile industry (especially linen). The most famous are flax processing business named after I.D.Zvorkin, The Big Kostroma Linen manufacture. The developing sectors are building machine, wood working, polymeric and food industries.

Kostroma is also known for jewelry production.

Tourism is considered to be the most important direction of the development of economy.
There are branches of state and private institutions of higher education, colleges in the city.


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