Kazan State Technical University

Kazan State Technical University was established in 1932. In 1992 it got the status of the State Technical University. In 2009 the university got the official status of the national research university. Today the University is one of the leading Russian institutions in aircraft and rocket engineering, engine- and instrument-production, computer science and radio engineering, and is the largest Technical University of the Republic of Tatarstan and the region.

KSTU consists of:

  • Institute of Aviation, Land Vehicles & Energetics:
    • Airhydrodynamics
    • Aircraft Structural Mechanics
    • Aircraft Production
    • Aircraft Design
    • Aircraft Engines & Power Plants
    • Automobile Engines & Service
    • Engines Manufacturing Technology
    • Information Technologies in Machinery
    • Machinery Technology & Metal-Cutting Instrument
    • Machinery Design Fundamentals
    • Materials Science & Technology
    • Materials Strenth
    • Industrial Ecology

Descriptive Geometry & Machinery Drawing

  • Automation and Electronic Instrument-Making Faculty

o    Automation & Control

o    Electrical Equipment

o    Devices & Information & Measurement Systems

o    General Chemistry & Ecology

o    Opto-Electronic Systems

o    Standartization, Certification & Technological Management

  • Technical Cybernetics & Informatics Faculty

o   Applied Mathematics & Informatics

o   Automatical Information Processing & Control Systems

o   Computer Design & Manufacturing

o   Computer Systems & Information Security

  • Institute of Radio-Engineering & Telecommunications

o   Microelectronic Device Design & Manufacturing

o   Radio-Engineering & Telecommunications Systems

o   Radioelectronic & Quantum Devices

o   Radioelectronics & Industrial Management

o   Radioelectronic Equipment Technology

o   Theoretical Radio-Electronics

  • Institute of Engineering & Economics

o   Industrial Economics & Administration

o   Management, Marketing & Business

o   Industrial Commerce & Marketing

o   Engineering Psychology & Pedagogy

  • Humanitarian Faculty

o   Philosophy

o   English Language

o   High School Pedagogy

o   History & Public Relations

o   Sociology & Politology & Management

o   Athletics & Sports

o   Russian & Tatar Languages

  • Physics & Mathematics Faculty

o   Higher Mathematics

o   General Physics

o   Technical Physics

o   Theoretical & Applied Mechanics

o   Special Mathematics

  • Economic Theory & Law Faculty

o   Сivil Law

o   Business Law

o   Economical & Law Theory

o   Eastern & European Languages

Cities of training
  "Our representatives"

  Mr. Karwan H.F Jwamer
   Kurdistan Region -Sulaimani-Iraq
        Tell: +07701428111
    P.O.Box 442