Kurgan  is  the administrative center of Kurgan Oblast. Founded in 1662 as Tsaryovo, it acquired its present name in 1782. It is a cultural, industrial, transport, trade and business center of tans-Urals and Ural. The number of population of Kurgan is 322 400.

The annual average temperature is +2,3 C°.

The coldest month is January with the average temperature -16,3 C°.

The warmest month in Kurgan is July with the average temperature +19,6 C°.

Maximum temperature registered in the city was +40,5 C°.

  At the end of October and in early November there is an intensive temperature drop. Late frosts are over at the end of  May. The first autumn frosts begin in the second half of September. Totally the duration of a frost-free period is 120 days.

There function a great number of educational institutions of different directions in Kurgan.

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