Moscow State Technical University

Moscow State Technical University "MAMI" is a large higher educational institution in Russia, training engineers and scholars for machine-building plants (also for car-and-tractor making plants), for research centers and firms dealing with design, manufacture, economics and marketing, service, diagnostics, certification and technical operation and maintenance of automobiles, tractors, their systems and aggregates. Every year about 18 thousand students study at 8 faculties which have full-time, part-time and extra-mural departments.

The teaching staff of the University consists of more than 700 highly-qualified specialists, including academicians and corresponding members of the Russian Federation Academy of Sciences and the branch academies, more than 130 Professors and Senior Doctors, more than 300 assistant-professors and Doctors of Sciences.

There are following faculties at the university:

  • Faculty of Automobile and Tractor Engineering:
    • The "Automobiles" Department
    • The Tractors Department
    • The "Diagnostic Equipment Designing and Automobiles' Diagnostics" Department
    • The "Design" Department
  • The Automation and Control Faculty:
    • "Automation and Microprocessors" Department
    • The "Complex Automation of Machine-Building" Department


  • The Designing - Technological Faculty:
    • The "Body-making and Pressure Treatment" Department
    • The "Ecology and Safety of Life Activities" Department


  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Technology:
    • The "Technology and Automation of Mechanical Assembly Production" Department
    • The "Standardization Metrology and Certification" Department
    • The "Automated Machine-Tool Systems and Tools" Department 
  • The Economics Faculty:
    • The "Marketing and Management" Department
    • The "Economics and Production Organization" Department
    • The "Automobile and Tractor Engines"
    • The Transport Gas-Turbine Engines" Department
    • The "Automobile and Tractor Electric Equipment" Department
    • The "Electrical engineering and computer-aided Electromechanical Systems" Department
    • The "Strength of Materials" Department

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