Moscow State Open University

Moscow State Open University MGOU is a modern university, which has labs and computer facilities, a television studio. MGOU today is a broad educational network. It is composed of seven institutions (branches), 18 branches and 6 offices located throughout Russia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan. University has full-time, part-time, and correspondence courses in the engineering and humanities. There are the following faculties in the university:

  • Faculty of international economic relations
    • World economy
    • Economy of enterprises and organizations
    • Regional economy
    • Taxes and taxation
    • Accountancy,analysis and audit
  • Faculty of Law
    • - state-legal
    • - criminal-legal
    • - civil-legal
    • - international-legal
    • - Jurisprudence
  • Faculty of business and management:
    • Management
    • State and municipal administration
  • Faculty of linguistics and intercultural communications:
    • Translation and science of translation
    • Theory and methodology of teaching foreign languages and cultures
  • Faculty of applied mathematics
    • Applied mathematics and informatics (qulification - mthematician, system programmer)
    • Mathematical methods in economy (qualification -economist, mathematician)
    • Taxes and taxation
  • Faculty of management and economic policy
    • Management of organization
    • Economy and management at construction enterprise
    • Economy and management at power enterprise
    • Management
  • Faculty of construction
    • Industrial and civil construction
    • Production of building materials, articles and constructions
    • Heat and gas supply and ventilation
    • Building projecting
  • Mining and oil faculty
    • Techology and technics of prospecting of minerals deposits
    • Geological survey,exploration and prospecting of minerals deposits
    • Exploration and prospecting of ground waters and engineering-geological investigations
    • Mine surveyor business
    • Open mountain works
    • Undeground development of minerals deposits
    • Shaft and underground construction
    • Enrichment of minerals
    • Projecting, construction and exploitation of gas-oil wires and gas-oil storages
    • Machines and equipment of oil and gas fields
    • Mountain machines and equipment
    • Exploitation of mountain machines and equipment
    • Power supply
    • Exploitation of systems of power supply of mountain enterprises
  • Automotive faculty
    • Automobiles and automobile economy
    • Lifting and transport, construction and road machines and equipment
    • Explotion engine
  • Faculty of pre-university training
  • Faculty of informatics and radio electronics:
    • Information-measuring technic and technology
    • Microelectronics and solid-state economy
    • Electronic devices and instruments
    • Radiotechnics
    • Projecting and technology of radioelectronic means
    • Administration and informatics in technical systems
    • Computer engineering and software of automatic systems
  • Chemical-engineering faculty
    • Environmental protection and rational use of natural resourses
    • Chemical technology of nonorganic substances
    • Chemical technology of organic substances
    • Technology of plastic and elastomer treatment
    • Machines and instruments of chemical productions
    • Economy and administration at enterprises of chemical industry
  • Faculty of economy and management in mining industry:
    • Economy and management at enterprise
    • Management of organization
    • Accounting, analysis and audit
  • Machine building faculty
    • Technology of machine building (qulification-engineer)
    • Metal working machines and complexes (qulification-engineer)
    • Metallurgy of black metals (qulification-engineer)
    • Metallurgy of color metals (qulification-engineer)
    • Casting production of black and color metals (qulification-engineer)
    • Physical metallurgy and heat treatment of metals (qulification-engineer)
    • Treatment of metals with pressure (qulification-engineer)
    • Metallurgical machines and equipment (qulification-engineer)
    • Economy and management at machinebuilding enterprise
    • Faculty of energy
  • Faculty of further training
  • Energy faculty
    • Heat and power stations
    • Industrial heat and power engineering
    • Electrical stations
    • Power supply
    • Atomic power plant and mounting
    • Electromechanics
    • Electrical and electronic instruments
    • Electric drive and automatics of industrial installations and technological complexes

Cities of training
  "Our representatives"

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   Kurdistan Region -Sulaimani-Iraq
        Tell: +07701428111
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