Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics

Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (Technical University), MIEM - Russian higher educational institution in the field of electronics. It was founded in 1962 as Moscow Institute of Electronic Machine Building for training engineers for radio-electronic and electronic industry of the country. The institute has already graduated more than 40 000 specialists since its foundation.
Teaching staff includes 533 members, among which there are 102 professors and Doctors of Science, 281 associate professors and Candidates of Science.
MIEM functions as a main member of EMA Education and Methodics Association in the sphere of applied mathematics and quality control, combining 173 institutions of higher education.
The institute consists of 6 faculties and 36 chairs, magistracy, post-graduate education and doctorate.
Annually MIEM graduates about 650 skilled specialists.

There are the following faculties and departments:
Faculty of electronics:

  • Technological systems of electronics
  • Physical bases of electronic technology
  • Material science of electronic technology
  • Metrology and certification
  • Automation and intellectualization of control processes

Faculty of automatics and computing technics:

  • Management and informatics in technical systems
  • Computing systems and network
  • Computing technics
  • Information and communication technologies
  • Electronics and electrical engineering
  • Engineering and computer graphics

Faculty of informatics and telecommunications:

  • Information technologies and automation systems
  • Radio-electronic and telecommunication systems
  • Laser and microwave information systems

Faculty of applied mathematics:

  • Applied mathematics
  • Cybernatics
  • Mathematical support of information and control systems
  • Probability theories and mathematical statistics
  • Mathematical modeling
  • Information security
  • Operation study

Economic-mathematical faculty:

  • Mathematical economy
  • Management and marketing
  • Bases of economics
  • Ecology and law

Faculty of evening tutition:

  • Computing systems and networks
  • Laser and microwave information systems
  • Management and marketing
  • Ecology and law

Cities of training
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