Moscow State Institute of Radiotechnics, Electronics and Automation

Moscow State Institute of Radiotechnics, Electronics and Automation (MIREA) is a Russian technical university in the field of radio engineering, electronics, cybernetic and automation. It participates to student mobility and research cooperations with European universities through the Top Industrial Managers for Europe (TIME) network. MIREA is a research center combining classical university traditions and modern educational technologies. Beginning with its foundation in 1947 the institute has been keeping up the times and always improved the curriculum in accordance with labour needs in scientists and engineers. The institute is one of the leaders in training of skilled specialists for rapid developing sectors of national economy: telecommunications, information computer technologies, automatics, cybernetics, radio engineering and electronics.



Faculties of full-time studies:

  • Information technologies:
    • Information technologies
    • Informatics and computer engineering
    • Information systems
Master's programs:
~Applied mathematics
~Programmed engineering
~Informatics and computer engineering
~Fundamental informatics and information technologies
~Information systems and technologies
  • Cybernetics:
    • Automatic systems
    • Higher mathematics
    • Information systems
    • Administration problem
    • Technical mechanics
    • Pedagogy and psychology
    • Applied synergy
  • Radio engineering systems:
    • Engineering graphics
    • Engineering ecology and technosphere
    • Foreign languages
    • Construction and production of radioelectronic means
    • Cosmic and information technologies
    • Radiocircuit technology
    • Broadcasting devices
    • Radio sets
    • Radio recievers
    • Radiotechnical systems and devices
    • Theoretical radiotechnics and radiophysics
  • Electronics:
    • Higher mathematics
    • Information acoustic systems
    • Metrology and standardisation
    • Microsystem technics
    • Semiconducting devices
    • Theoretical principles of optoelectronics
    • Technical electrodynamics and electronics
    • Technological principles of radioelectronics
    • Physics
    • Condenced state
    • Chemistry
    • Electronics of physical setting
    • Electronic devices
Economy and management:
  • Specialities (full-time mode of studies):
    • Finances and credit
    • Economy and management at enterprise
    • Scientific discipline of documentation
      Bachelor's programs:
    • Econonmy
    • Management
    • Business-informatics
      Specialities (part-time mode of studies):
    • Finances and credit
    • Economy and management at enterprise
  • International faculty of informatics:
    • Software of computing engineering and automation systems
    • Information systems and technologies
    • Information and measuring technics and technologies
    • Administration and informatics in technical systems
    • Robots and robot systems
    • Projecting and technology of electronic means
    • Radiotechnics
    • Electronic devices and systems
    • Nanotechnology in electronics
    • Finances and credit
    • Econonmy and management at enterprise


Faculties of evening tutition:

  • Computer technologies
  • Radio engineering
  • Information systems

Faculties of part-time studies:

  • Economy and management
  • Information systems
  • Computer technologies


Cities of training
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   Kurdistan Region -Sulaimani-Iraq
        Tell: +07701428111
    P.O.Box 442