Moscow State Linguistic University

Moscow State Linguistic University, previously known as Maurice Thorez Moscow State Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages, is a university in Moscow. It is the largest and the oldest university in Russia that specializes in linguistics and foreign languages. There are about 10 thousand students and postgraduates in the university. Education is available in 35 languages.
The university is a center of education, science and culture in which there is training of specialists with the knowledge of 2 languages in different specialities.


  • Faculty of humanitarian and applied sciences
  • Translation faculty
  • Faculty of German language
  • Faculty of French language
  • Faculty of economy and law
  • Faculty of distance education
  • Faculty of military education
  • Faculty of education of foreign citizens
  • Faculty of lecturers' advanced training
• Institute of international relations and social-political studies


Cities of training
  "Our representatives"

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