Moscow State University of Environmental Engineering

Moscow State University of Environmental Engineering is among the oldest technical universities in Russia. In accordance with tradition the date of Moscow Institute of Chemical Engineering foundation is December 22, 1920. Among the persons who participated in the Institute's work and development there were outstanding scientists and teachers such as academicians I.I. Artobolevskiy, P.L. Kapitsa, M.V. Kirpichev, Ya.M. Kolotyrkin, A.M. Kutepov, USSR Academy of Sciences corresponding members N.M. Karavaev, B.K. Klimov, S.Z. Roginskiy. Proffesors A.Q. Qorst, A.A. Gunman, E.G. Dudnikov, Z.B. Kantorovich, P.I. Nikolayev, A.N. Planovskiy, S.I. Schepkin, S.N. Shorin and others became the founders of new scientific schools.


  • Faculty of Ecology and Nature Management:
    • Environmental protection and rational management ofnatural resources». Qualification- Engineer-ecologist.
    • Rational management ofmaterial and energy resources. Qualification- Engineer;
    • Biotechnology. Qualification-Engineer;
    • Safety ofactivity intechnosphere. Qualification- Engineer;

Period of training in all the specialties - 5 years.

The faculty also trains Masters of science in the speciality:

o   «Environmental protection».    Period of training- 6 years.

  • Faculty of Environmental Engineering:
    • Environmental Engineering. Qualification- Engineer-ecologist.
    • «Non-traditional and renewable energy sources». Qualification- Engineer.
  • Faculty of Economy and Management:
    • Economy and management atthe enterprise. Qualification - Business analyst-manager.
    • Organization management. Qualification - Manager. Period ofTraining - 5years.
  • Faculty of Automatics and Information Technology:
    • Nanomaterials. Qualification- Engineer. Period of training-5,5years;
    • Automated production atchemical plants. Qualification- Engineer. Period of training- 5,5years;
    • Automation oftechnological processes and production. Qualification- Engineer. Period oftraining- 5years;
    • Applied mathematics. Qualification- Engineer-mathematician. Period of training- 5years;
    • Automation and management. Qualification- Master ofscience and technology. Period of training- 6years.
  • Faculty of Cryogenic Engineering and Cryophysics:
    • Cryogenic engineering and cryophysics:
    • Refrigerating, cryogenic engineering and conditioning:
    • Standardization and Certification. Qualification- Engineer. Period oftraining- 5years.
    • Power-plant machine building. Qualification- Master ofscience and technology.
      Period of training- 6years.
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering:
    • Machines and apparatuses ofchemical industry:
    • Computer Aided Design;
    • Design and production ofcomposite materials-made units
  • Faculty of Extramural Education:

The faculty has long standing experience in training engineers in the following spheres:

  • environmental engineering;
  • investment management;
  • ecology and rational reprocessing of natural fuels;
  • design and production of polymer package;
  • automation of technological processes and production.

    Institute of Marketing Communication:
  • Public relations;
  • Advertising;
  • Marketing;
  • Administrative management.
  • Qualification- Specialist. Period oftraining- 5years.

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