Novosibirsk State Technical University

Novosibirsk State Technical University, one of the largest research and educational centres of Russia, was organized according to the USSR Council of Ministries' Decree of 19 August 1950 and the USSR Minister of Culture Order, and was known at the as Novosibirsk Institute of Electrical Engineering.

The University trains specialists in engineering, social-economic direction as well as humanities. Today, the University is granted a right to train students in twenty-seven licensed directions and sixty-six fields of higher and professional education, with the work aimed for licensing new fields going on. The annual state budget full-time enrolment in the first year of studies is 1415 students and 525 in correspondence. Besides, out-of-competition enrolment, with complete tuition fees paid, is made in all directions and fields of study.

The University has ten faculties and two institutes: Institute of Social Rehabilitation and Institute of Distant Education, 73 departments, two branches and nine NSTU representative offices. The total number of students are 16180, including 10,483 full-time students. 400 of this number are international students.

The teaching staff are 968 full-time lecturers including 101 full professor, D.Sc., 536 associate professors, Cand.Sc.; 216 lecturers are part-time teachers including 83 full professor, D.Sc., 126 associate professor, Cand.Sc.


  • Aircraft faculty

Fields of Specialization

*Aircraft and rocket construction
*Applied mechanics


*Aircraft and helicopter construction
*Life-support systems and equipment of aircraft
*Dynamics and strength of aircraft
*Low-temperature physics and engineering
*Gas dynamic impulse devices
*Environmental engineering in the fuel and energy complex
*Manufacturing processes and production safety, maintenance and repair of aircraft engines

  • Applied Mathematics and Computer Science Faculty

*Department of Computational Technologies

*Department of Parallel Computational Technologies

*Department of Applied Mathematics

*Department of Software Systems and Databases

  • Automation and Computer Engineering Faculty

*Department of Automated Control System

*Department of Automation

*Department of Computer Engineering

*Department of Data Collection and Data Processing Systems

*Instrumentation Department

*Department of Network Information Technologies

  • Business Administration Faculty

Fields of Specialisation



*Organisation management
*Crisis-proof management
*Economic theories
*Finances and credits
*Accounting, analysis and audit
*Management information systems

  • Electromechanical faculty

*Department of electromechanics

*Department of automated industrial electrical engineering plants

*Department of electric motor vehicles

*Department of electric drives and automation of industrial plants

*Department of consumer food technology

*Department of chemistry

*Department of business economics


Bachelor of Science:

*Electrical engineering, electromechanics and electrical technologies


*Electrical engineering, electromechanics and electrical technologies


*Electric drives and automation of industrial plants and technological complexes
*Industrial electrical engineering plants and systems
*Electric motor vehicles
*Consumer food technology
*Electrochemical production technology
*Electromechanical industry economy and management
*Agricultural electrification and automation
*Automation of manufacturing processes and industries*
*Environmental engineering
*Merchandise study and expert examination

  • Humanities Faculty


*Department of the Russian language and literature
*Department of international relations and regional studies
*Department of theory and history of culture
*Department of sociology
*Department of pedagogy and psychology
*Department of history and political science

Fields of Specialization

*Regional studies
*Social work


*Socio-cultural services and tourism
*International relations
*Regional studies
*Public relations
*Social work

  • Mechanics and Technology Faculty

*Manufacturing Engineering

*Operation and Maintenance of Transportation and Production Machines and Equipment (in car service and service provided by companies)

*Machines and apparatus for chemical engineering and building materials plants

*Metal-Cutting Machine-Tools and Tooling

*Food Industry Machines and Apparatuses

*Automation of Manufacturing Processes and Production

*Economy and control of manufacturing enterprises

*Materials Science in Mechanical Engineering

*Technology of Artistic Finishing Treatment of Materials

  • Physical Engineering Faculty
*Department of Electrophysical Installations and Accelerators

*Department of Laser Systems
  • Power Engineering Faculty


Bachelor and Master of Science

*Heat power engineering
*Electrical power engineering
*Automation and management

Diploma in Engineering

*Economics and management
*Heat power engineering
*Electrical power engineering
*Automated technologies and production
*Human and occupational safety


*Power engineering economics and management
*Heat power stations
*Electric power stations
*Electric systems and networks
*Power supply
*High voltage electrical and power engineering
*Relay protection and automation of electric power systems
*Automation of technological processes and heat power engineering production
*Human and occupational safety

  • Radio Engineering, Electronics, and Physics Faculty

*Radio Engineering

*Design and Technology of Electronic Facilities

*Engineering Physics


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