Omsk State Pedagogical University

Omsk State Pedagogical University (OSPU), founded in 1932, plays a leadership role among the pedagogical Universities in the West Siberian region on training professionals in the sphere of education. For the success in teacher training the University received a special award in 1982. According to the data of the annual monitoring of the Higher Education Institutions, Omsk State Pedagogical University was ranked among the 30 best pedagogical and linguistic Universities in the Russian Federation during 5 years.

For more than 70 years of its history OSPU has become a modern scientific and education centre with 14 Schools, the Institute of Further Professional Education, Academic Lyceum, the OSPU branches in Tara and Novovarshavka, a Centre for French and German as well as education and methodological Centre.

More than 13 000 students, including 150 international, are currently enrolled at full-time studies, part-time studies and correspondence courses. The University uses the most up-to-date teaching techniques, including the elements of distance learning.
Bachelor / Specialist's Degree Programs

1. School of Mathematics                        

  • Mathematics with Supplementary Specialization (Computer Science)
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematical Methods in Economy

2. School of Computer Science

  • Computer Science
  • Applied Computer Science (in Education)

3. School of Chemistry and Biology

  • Specialization: Natural Sciences; Concentration: «Chemistry», «Biology», «Life Safety Study»
  • Bioecology
  • Specialization: Pedagogy; Concentration: «Pedagogical Health Care Technologies»

4. School of Physics

  • Physics with a supplementary specialization (Computer Science or Technology and Entrepreneurship)
  • Specialization: Technological Education; Concentration: «Technology of Cloth and Food Processing», «Technology of Structural Materials Processing»

5. School of Philology

  • The Russian Language and Literature
  • Public Relations

6. School of Psychology and Pedagogy

  • Specialization: Pedagogy; Concentration: «Experimental Psychology in Education», «Psychological Education», «Social Pedagogy»
  • Social work
  • Pedagogy and Psychology

7. School of History

  • Specialization: Social and Economic Education; Concentration: «History», «Economics», «Jurisprudence», «Political Science»
  • Public Policy

8. School of Psychology and Pedagogy of Childhood

Specialization: Pedagogy; Concentration: «Primary Education», «Psychology and Pedagogy of Home Education», «Speech Preschool Education», «Computer Science in Primary Education», «Child Applied Psychology»

9. School of Arts

  • Fine Arts
  • Specialization: «Decorative, Applied and Folk Art»
  • Design
  • Interior Arts
  • Monumental and Decorative Arts
  • Specialization: «Artistic Education»; Concentration: «Music Arts»

10. School of Foreign Languages

  • Theory and Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages and Cultures (English, German, French)
  • Foreign Language with Supplementary Specialization (English, German, French and Chinese)

11. School of Economics and Management

  • Organization Management
  • Professional Training (Economics and Management)
  • Marketing

12. School of Philosophy

  • Specialization: Philosophy
  • Specialization: Conflict Study
  • Specialization: Folk Culture Study

13. School of Special Psychology and Pedagogy

  • Specialization: Pedagogy; Concentration: «Psychological Help to Students with Special Needs»
  • Oligophrenic Pedagogy
  • Logopaedics with a supplementary specialization (Oligophrenic Pedagogy)
  • Special Psychology with a supplementary specialization (Oligophrenic Pedagogy)

Master's Degree Programs


  • Philosophy (Philosophic Anthropology, Philosophy of Culture, Philosophy of Religion)
  • Natural Sciences (Ecology, Chemistry)
  • Physics and Mathematics (Mathematics, Computer Science)
  • Philology (Information Technologies in Philology, Literature, Regional and Linguistic Studies, Language Studies)
  • Sociology and Economics (History, Legal Studies)
  • Technology (Management in Education, Professional Education)
  • Pedagogy (Social Pedagogy, Higher Education, Development Psychology, Psychological Counseling in Education, Organizational Psychology in Education, Secondary Education, Supplementary Education, Comparative Education, Social and Pedagogical Activities in Child Educational Institutions, Psychological and Pedagogical Rehabilitation for People with Special Needs)

Cities of training
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