Omsk State Technical University

Omsk State Technical University (OmSTU) is a scientific-technological university which trains engineers, economists and classical scolars. The University has always focused on the quality and innovation of its teaching and research developing a fruitful relationship with business and productive world by means of experimental research and technological transfer.

The university includes 6 faculties, 5 institutes and 3 branches. There study more than 13 000 students of full-time, part-time and extramural forms of education. The teaching staff includes 1600 people.

OmSTU consists of:

  • Petrochemical Institute:
    • Department of Compressor and Refrigerating Machines and Installations
    • Department of Physical Chemistry
    • Department of Low-Temperature Engineering and Physics
    • Department of Machinery and Apparatus for Chemical Industry
    • Department of Chemical Technology of Organic Substances
  • Mechanical Engineering Institute:
    • Department of machine-building technology
    • Department of metalworking tools and complexes
    • Department of machines and technology of metal forming
    • Department of equipment and technology of welding engineering
    • Department of machinery and foundry technology
    • Department of metrology and instrument making
    • Department of material science and technology of constructional materials
    • Department of technological machinery and equipment
    • Department of equipment and technology of printing production
  • Energy Istitute:
    • Department of information measurement systems
    • Department of electrical power engineering & electric power supply
    • Department of heat and power engineering
  • Transport, Oil and Gas Faculty:
    • Industrial safety department
    • Safety of technological processes and operations department
    • Fire safety department
    • Aircraft and Rocket Building department
    • Transport, oil and gas storage, standardization and certification department
    • Fundamentals of the theory of mechanics and automatic control department
    • Hydromechanics and machines department
    • Industrial ecology and safety department
  • Information Technologies and Computer Systems Faculty:


o   Automation of Technological Processes and Productions

o   Mechatronics, Computer control systems

o   Automation and Control

o   Automation Systems of Information Processing and Management

o   Information and computer technology

o   Mathematical Software and Information Systems Managment

o   Information Science and Computer Engineering

o   Computers, complexes, systems and networks

o   Information and computer technology

o   Computer-aided design

  • Radio Engineering Faculty:
    • Wireless Devices and Diagnostic Systems Department
    • Communication and Information Security Department
    • Design and Production of Radio Equipment Department
    • Electronic Equipment Technology Department
    • Physics Department
  • Economics and Management Faculty:
    • Economics Department

Speciality: Economics and Labor Management, Marketing and entrepreneurship

Qualification: Bachelor of Economics.

o   Management Department

Speciality: Management, Organizational Management

Qualification: Bachelor of Management.

o   Economics and Labour Management Department

Speciality: Economics and enterprise management (trade and public catering)

Qualification: economist-manager.

Marketing and enterpreneurship department

Specialty: Economics and enterprise management (engineering and metalworking)

Qualification: economist-manager.

o   State and Municipal Management Department

Specialities: «State and municipal management», «Customs business specialist»

Qualification: Manager.

o   Human Resources Management Department

Specialty: Human Recourses Management

Qualification: Manager

o   Applied Mathematics and Information Systems Department

Specialty: Applied informatics (in economics), economics

Qualification: specialist in informatics and economics, Bachelor of Applied Informatics, Master's program «Information Systems in Business»


  • Humanitarian Education Faculty:
    • Public relations department
    • Publishing and Editing Department
    • Advertising Department
    • Design Department
    • Information Technologies in Media Industry Department
    • Social Work Department
    • Psychology Department
    • Historian Archivistics Department
  • Military Institute:
    • Military Department


o   Thermal engineering

o   Thermal stations

o   Industrial thermal engineering

o   Electrical energy industry

o   Electric power supply

o   Electric engineering, electromechanics and electrotechnics

o   Electrical equipment and electrical facilities of enterprises, organizations and institutions

o   Machines technology

o   Instrument making and technology of welding engineering

o   Machines and technology of welding engineering

o   Applied mechanics

o   Dynamics and Strength of Machines

o   Technological machinery and equipment

o   Hydraulic, vacuum and compressor units

o   Vacuum and compressor units of physical installations

o   Hydraulic machines, hydraulic actuators and hydropneumatics

o   Technology, equipment and automation of machine-building manufacture

o   Design-engineering support of machine-building manufacture

o   Mechanical-engineering technology

o   Metal working machines and complexes

o   Multi-purpose tracked and wheeled vehicles

o   Vehicle operation

o   Service of transport and production machines and equipment (automobile transport)

o   Instrument making

o   Instrument making

o   Instruments and methods of control and diagnostics

o   Information and measuring equipment and technology

o   Metrology, standardization and certifcation

o   Standardization and certifcation

o   Electronics and microelectronics

o   Industrial electronics

o   Design and technology of electronic instrumentation

o   Design and technology of radio-electronic instrumentation

o   Radio Engineering

o   Radio Engineerng

o   Telecommunications

o   Means of communication with moving objects

o   Automation and control

o   Automation of technological processes and manufacture (in different fields)

o   Computer science

o   Automated systems of data processing and control

Cities of training
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