Petrozavodsk  is the capital of the Republic of Karelia. It stretches along the western shore of the Lake Onega for some 27 kilometers. Municipally, it is incorporated as Petrozavodsk Urban Okrug.

The population is 270 6000.

The climate in Petrozavodsk is moderately continental with maritime features. Winter is prolonged, relatively mild. Summer is short and cool. The annual average temperature is from 0 to +3 °C. The duration of a free-frost period is 120-130 days. The weather here is changeable. The most days in the year are cloudy. The annual average precipitation is 550-600mm. Spring begins in the middle of April, but the cold can return in May. Summer begins in the first half of June.

The industry of Petrozavodsk is introduced by machine building and metal-working, wood and wood-working, construction, food, light and printing sectors.

There are 3 institutions of higher education. The most famous of them is Petrozavodsk State University, founded in 1940.

There are also 16 vocational education institutions. Totally there function 40 educational institutions (3 gymnasiums, 5 lyceums, 29 comprehensive schools) in Petrozaodsk.


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