St. Petersburg State University of Refrigeration and Food Engineering

St. Petersburg State University of Refrigeration and Food Engineering is a state institution of higher vocational education.

From its foundation in 1931 the university formed into a large educational and scientific center and in XXI century  became the leading institution of higher education in the sphere of refrigeration engineering and food production in the north-west of Russia.

In every sphere of human activity ranging from low temperature storage of agricultural products to the implementation of space projects one can find highly qualified specialists who are alumni of the University.

By the present time the University has trained over 25.000 engineers, who have actively contributed to the making and development of refrigerating and cryogenic engineering, technology and equipment for food processing in Russia, and states of Asia, Africa, Middle East, Baltic states.

All departments are active in research. Many of university's staff have an international reputation. The University has an outstanding library, laboratories and computing facilities and offers a stimulating environment. During its existence there has been trained more than 25 thousand engineers, 2 000 candidates and more than 80 Doctors of Science. More than 80% of the teaching staff have academic ranks and degrees. Among them 12 people have the title of Honoured Science Worker, 40 workers are academics and corresponding-members.


  • Refrigerating, Cryogenic Engineering & Conditioning


- refrigerating engineering & technology;

- cryogenic engineering & technology;

- low potential power engineering systems;

- air conditioning & climatechnique in business;

- refrigerating installations & climatechnique systems for transport vehicles;

- liquefaction, separation, transport & storage systems of industrial gases

  • Servicing Transport & Technological Machines & Equipment (in refrigeration supply)
  • Automation Processing (in food industry)


- automation processing & production in food industry

  • Machines & Apparatus for Food Manufacture


- food industry equipment;

- meat industry equipment;

- dairy industry equipment;

- commerce & catering equipment

  • Food Engineering for Small Businesses


- food engineering for processing vegetable raw materials  in small businesses;

- food engineering for processing animal raw materials in small businesses

  • Engineering & Physics of Low Temperatures


- cryogenic medicine equipment

  • Food Biotechnology


- technology of engineered foods from animal raw materials

  • Technology of Bread, Pasta & Confectionery Products


- technology of bread

  • Technology of Fermentation & Winemaking


- technology of beer & alcohol-free beverages

  • Technology of Meat & Meat Products


- technology of sausage & convenience foods

  • Technology of Fish & Fishery Products


- technology of salted, smoked, dried & cured hydrobionts

  • Technology of Milk & Dairy Products


- biotechnology of infant & special foods

  • Technology of Cans & Food Concentrates


- technology of canning

  • Economics & Management of Food Industry Enterprises


- organization of production;

- financial management;

- anticrisis management

  • Environmental Protection & Resource Management


- industrial ecology & resource management

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