Saint Petersburg University of Technology and Design

Saint Petersburg University of Technology and Design is a diversified educational complex containing 12 institutes, 3 faculties and 2 colleges, training specialists in 127 educational programs of designer, engineering, humanitarian, economic and pedagogical directions.

The university includes 8 big educational buildings, the most part of which is situated in the historic center of the city, 4 hostels and 6 out-of-town properties. Modern equipment of chairs, educational laboratories, lecture-halls, experimental and model shop, industrial departments of scientific and production center allow to realize different programs of higher vocational education.


  • Faculty of natural sciences and liberal arts
  • Faculty of information technologies and engineering science
  • Faculty of applied chemistry and ecology


  • Institute of suit design
  • Institute of design and arts
  • Institute of graphic design
  • Institute of spatial environment design
  • Institute of textile and fashion
  • Institute of applied arts
  • Institute of business and communications
  • Northwestern institute of printing
  • Institute of management and foreign-economic activity
  • Institute of economy and business
  • Northwestern professional and pedagogical institute
  • Regional institute of continuing professional education


Cities of training
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