Vladivostok State University

Vladivostok State University of economy and service is a higher educational institution, situated in Vladivostok.

Founded on 26 August 1967, it was originally called Dalnevostok State Technological Institute.

In 1995 it was given a new name Dalnevostok State Technological Institute and in 1996 was given the status of the university and its current title.

The University includes:

  • Institute of informatics, innovations and business-systems
  • Institute of international business and economy
  • Institute of service of fashion and design
  • Institute of law and governing
  • Institute of pre-university education
  • Institute of extramural distant education
  • Institute of foreign languages


Cities of training
  "Our representatives"

  Mr. Karwan H.F Jwamer
   Kurdistan Region -Sulaimani-Iraq
        Tell: +07701428111
    P.O.Box 442