Barnaul is a city and the administrative center of Altai Krai. Barnaul is situated in the southwest of the Siberian Federal District on the Ob River. The total area of the city is 321 square km, the population is 612 700 (21 place by number in Russia). It is a big industrial, cultural and educational center of Siberia, there are 9 state institutions of higher education, 5 theatres, museums and monuments.

The continental climate of Barnaul is defined by its geographical position at the southern end of the Siberian steppe: it is subject to long, frigid winters, with an average of -17.5 °C  in January, but also enjoys a short warm season in the summer with an average high of 19.8 °C in July. Temperatures can vary in the extreme, from -40 °C  in  winter to above 40 °C  in summer.

The lowest temperature ever recorded was -51,1 °C in January 1951

The climate is relatively dry. The average rainfall in the area is 538 mm per year, 75% of which occurs during the region's warmer season.

The most developing sectors in Barnaul are engineering industry and metal-working, chemical, oil-refining and light industries.


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