Russian system of education

Modern state of Russian education.


After the Great October Socialist Revolution of 1917 in Russia education became free. At the present time there function 662 state institutions of higher education.

Since 1992 because of the transition to market economy in Russian education as in economy in whole there has appeared a private sector. Today there are 3000 of private educational institutions of higher professional education in Russia.

Since 2000 till the present time the Russian system of education has been passing on to the European models, the main features of which are regulated by the Bolognese agreements. This model provides for the transition to a two-level system of higher education: the first is Bachelor's programme (4 years), the second stage is Master's programme (2 years).  From 2011/2012 academic year documents accepting to Russian educational institutions is realized only to a two-level system of training. Training of specialists is preserved only for several specialities, list of which is approved by the government of the Russian Federation.



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