Herzen State Pedagogical University

Herzen State Pedagogical University is Russia's one of the biggest and oldest higher educational establishments in St. Petersburg and in Russia. It has been working for two centuries.

There are 20 faculties and 100 chairs, several institutes and research centers.

The rector of the university is the professor, Doctor of Pedagogy Valerij Pavlovich Solomin. Since 2011 the president of the university is Bordovsky Gennadij Alekseevich, the professor, Doctor of Science.

The University has agreements of co-operation with over 150 foreign Universities, Colleges and other Educational establishments from Europe, Asia and America. The University takes part in different programs, such as exchange of students, faculty, specialists, educational technologies; conducts international seminars and conferences; realizes joint educational and research projects, etc.

At present an original system of scientific research activities has been generated at the University. It is dynamic in its development and adaptable to active modifications in moral, social, economic spheres of the society life. Strategically important in this context was creation of a spectrum of the main scientific disciplines representing scientific-pedagogical potential of the University.

Among the teaching staff there are more than 300 doctors and about 700 candidates of science.

Main Scientific Research Directions:

Psychology and pedagogy (12 directions):

  • Integrative open developing system of continuous pedagogical education
  • Theory of school education
  • System of educating the child as an active and moral personality
  • Concept, content and methods of differential education in the sphere of mathematics and computer science
  • Educating of handicapped children in the process of special education and training
  • Integrative system of artistic and aesthetic education of the youth
  • Study and development of professional and athletic abilities in the systems of physical culture activities
  • Theory, history and methodology of teaching creative and applied arts, architecture
  • Integrative approach to human psychology and social interaction of people
  • Complex research of life safety of human being
  • Problems of formation of bilingual person in artificial and natural verbal environment
  • Development and Integration Subjects Methods of Teaching

Humanities (14 directions):

  • Human being, environment, society
  • Problems of theory and history of culture
  • Education as social-cultural system
  • Northern studies: culture and education
  • System and functions in the Russian language and speech
  • Cognitive and pragmatic aspects of language and speech, problems of discourse creation and perception
  • Applied linguistics and linguistic didactics
  • Relationship of history and literature. Method and style
  • Natural and cultural inheritance in the systems of education and tourism
  • Philosophy of human being
  • Social and economic problems of system transformation
  • Theory and practice of social and quality management
  • Formation of legal consciousness and culture
  • Linguistics of children's speech

Natural science research and exact sciences (8 directions):

  • Electronic and ionic processes in solid bodies and interaction of radiation with solid body
  • Nitrocompounds and amino acids
  • Theoretical and applied photochemistry
  • Physical chemistry of condensed media and their surfaces
  • Designing of progressive technological process and equipment for special machine-building and electronics
  • Mathematical structures: contensive and calculating aspects
  • Territorial problems of nature management
  • Adaptive reactions of biological systems to specific and non-specific influence of environmental factors

Cities of training
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