Kazan State Technological University

Kazan State Technological University springs from the Integrated Industrial College. On July 14, 1890, the Ministry of Public Education of the Russian Empire enacted the resolution to establish the Integrated Secondary Technological and Chemical Sciences College and the Lower Technical College comprising chemiсal engineering, mechanical engineering and civil engineering departments. September 10, 1897 saw the grand opening of Kazan Industrial College. In 1919, Kazan Industrial College became Kazan Polytechnic Institute with three faculties: chemistry, mechanics and economics. It was in 1930 that on the basis of Kazan Polytechnic Institute and Faculty of Chemistry of Kazan State University, Kazan State Technological Institute was founded. Since 1935 till 1992 it was called Kazan State Chemical Technological Institute named after S.M. Kirov. n 1997, two research and design institutes became part of Kazan State Technological University, they are Scientific Research Institute "SpecKauchuk" (Special Natural Rubber) and Design Institute "Souyzchimpromproekt".

In 2010 it was given the status of the national research university.

There are more than 27 thousand students at the university. It is in 11th place among 160 technical and technological institutions of higher education. The teaching staff includes 1100 people (175 Doctors of Science, professors, 612 candidates of science, associate professors).

The University comprises 13 academic and research institutes; runs over 100 Specialist, Bachelor's, Master's Degree and Ph.D. programs; enrolls over 27 thousand undergraduate and graduate students, 900 Ph.D. and 100 Post-Doc students from Russia and other countries; employs over 300 Full Professors, Doctors of Science and 800 Associate Professors, Ph.D.s.
Institutes are structural academic and research subdivisions of Kazan State Technological University. Institutes consist of faculties, which, in their turn, include academic departments.

Institute of Chemical Engineering and Technology
o Energy Intensive Materials
o Environmental Safety, Information and Process Security

Institute of Petroleum, Chemistry and Nanotechnologies
o Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies
o Petroleum and Petrochemistry
o Chemical Technologies

• Institute of Mechanical Engineering for Chemical and Petrochemical Industry
o Mechanical Engineering
o Power Engineering and Technological Equipment

Institute of Polymers
o Rubber and Elastomer Technology and Processing
o Plastics and Composite Materials Technology, Processing and Certification

Institute of Light Industry, Fashion and Design
o Light Industry Technology and Fashion
o Design and Software Engineering
o Joint Russian and Italian School "STYLE"

Institute of Automated Control Systems and Information Technologies
o Control and Automation
o Information Technologies

Institute of Administration, Economics and Social Technologies
o Administration, Economics and Law
o Social Technologies and Humanities

Institute of Food Engineering and Biotechnology
o Food Technologies
o Food Engineering

Institute of Military Education
o Military Education
o Physical Education, Sports and Pre-Conscription Military Training

Institute of Additional Professional Education
o Advanced Training for University Professors
o Humanities and Psychology
o Minor Educational Programs
o Professional Retraining and Advanced Training for University Professors
o Landscape Design "ERICA"
o School of Arts
o School of Business
o School of Economics
o School of Fashion Business
o School of Foreign Languages "LINGUA"
o School of Management and Marketing
o School of Management
o School of Social Technologies

Institute of Lifelong Education
o Faculty of Pre-university Training
o Vocational Guidance Department
o Kazan Technological College

• Corporate University
o Department of Logistics and Management

Cities of training
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