Moscow Architectural Institute

Moscow Architectural Institute (State Academy) - MArchI is the is the main and the oldest architecture school in Russia. It was founded in 1933. The full course of studies lasts 6 years. After that students get the diploma and can work as architects in Russia. After 4 years of education students get the bachelor's diploma.

The tuition fees for Preparatory Course (Russian, Artistic Drawing,Technical Drawing) is 115000 Rubles, for students - 170000 Rubles each academic year. Price for hostel 100-150 USD a month. All prices are for today.

The institute has the following faculties:

  • Faculty of General and Fundamental Training
  • Faculty of Specialized Training:
    • Architecture of dwelling and public buildings,
    • Town-planning,
    • Architecture of industrial buildings,
    • Reconstuction and restoration of architectural complexes
    • Architecture of rural settlements
    • Landscape architecture
    • Theory of town-planning
    • Design of city environment
    • Bases of Architectural Planning
    • Architectural Planning of Dwelling Houses
    • Architectural Planning of Public Houses
    • Architecture of Industrial Buildings
    • Architecture of Rural Settlements
    • Town-Planning
    • Reconstruction and Restoration in Architecture
    • Landscape Architecture
    • Design of Architectural Environment
    • Basis of The Theory of Town-planning
    • drawing
    • painting
    • sculpture

               Humanities' Chairs:
      • Philosophy
      • The History of Architecture and Town-planning
      • Soviet and Modern Foreign Architecture
      • Foreign Languages
      • Russian Language (for foreign students)

        Engineering and Technical Chairs:
      • Descriptive geometry
      • Architectural constructions
      • Engineering constructions
      • Architectural science of materials
      • Architectural physics
      • Engineering equipment of buildings
      • Architectural practice

        MARHI's Educational Centres:
        • Educational centre of video and computer projects (VICOMP)
        • Educational centre "URBANISTIKA"




Cities of training
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