Moscow State Pedagogical University

Moscow State Pedagogical University, with origins dating back to 1872, is a major educational and scientific institution in Moscow, with eighteen faculties and seven branches in other Russian cities. MSPU is reckoned with 10 main institutions of the country and trains high-skilled specialists. Wide profile of training, acquired practical skills allow graduates of the university to improve their skills constantly during working career and to master additional specialities.

MSPU is the institution of federal and international significance. In confirmation of it is the fact that many outstanding people show their interest towards the university. Among them are the presidents of the RF - Putin V.V. and Medvedev D.A, representatives of Russian Orthodox Church, State Duma deputies and many others.

Educational programmes are realized throughout 18 faculties:

  • Biology and Chemistry:
    • Biology and chemistry
    • Biology and foreign language
    • Biology
    • Bioecology
  • Geography:

    • Geography
    • Geography and foreign language
    • Geography
    • Physical geography and landscape science or economic and social geography
    • Tourism
    • Foreign region science
  • Defectology:
    • Deaf-and-dumb pedagogy
    • Oligophrenopedagogy
    • Logopaedics
    • Special psychology
    • Pre-school speech pathology
  • Preschool pedagogics and psychology:
    • Pre-school education
    • Psychology and pedagogy of pre-school education
    • Age psychology and development psychology
    • Pre-school education and foreign language
  • Foreign Languages:
    • Foreign language (one)
    • Foreign language (1st) and Foreign language (2d)
    • Theory and methodology of teaching of foreign languages and cultures
    • Translation and science of translation
    • Linguistics
  • History:
    • History
    • History and social studies
    • History and Foreign language
    • Historical political science
    • Religious studies
  • Mathematics:
    • Mathematics
    • Informatics
    • Mathematics and Informatics
    • Mathematica and economy
    • Informatica and economy
  • Music:
    • Music and supplementary education
    • Vocal arts (Academic singing; Variety and jazz singing)
    • Musical and instrumental arts (Piano; Orchestral and stringed instruments;Orchestral and wind instruments; Popilar instruments; Variety and jazz instruments)
    • Conducting
  • Primary education:
    • Primary education
    • Primary education and informatics
    • Primary education and foreign language
  • Pedagogics and Psychology:
    • Psychology (Psychology of development, Social psychology)
    • Psychological and pedagogical education (Psychology and social pedagogy; Psychology of education; Psychology and pedagogy of professional education)
    • Psychological and pedagogical education (Psychology of education-3years)
    • Psychological and pedagogical accompaniment of social work
    • Psychological consulting
  • Slavonic and West-European Philology:
    • Foreign (Germanic) philology (English language)
    • Foreign (Slavonic) philology (polish language)
    • Foreign language (Italian)
    • Foreign language (1st) and foreign language (2d)
  • Sociology, Economics and Law:

    • Sociology
    • Management
    • Jurisprudence
    • Political science
    • Culturology
    • Social studies and law
    • Organization of work with young people
    • Jurisprudence
  • Technology and Entrepreneurship:

    • Technology
    • Technology and informatics
    • Information systems and technologies
    • Innovatics
  • Physics:
    • Physics
    • Physics and informatics
    • Physics and foreign language
  • Physical Education
  • Philology:
    • Russian language
    • Literature
    • Russian language and literature
    • Russian language and foreign language (English)
    • Literature and history
    • Russian language and native language and literature (Tatar)
    • Journalism (printing mass media; tele- and radiojournalism)
    • Philology (Ptriotic philology; Applied  philology; Teaching philological disciplines)
  • Chemistry:
    • Fundamental and applied chemistry
    • Chemistry and ecology
  • Artistic and Graphic:

    • Visual art
    • Visual art and supplementary education
    • Graphic design
    • Decorative and applied art
    • History of arts

Cities of training
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   Kurdistan Region -Sulaimani-Iraq
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