Moscow State University of Applied Biotechnology

Moscow State University of Applied Biotechnology has 5 laboratory buildings. Library holdings number more than 1000 books. There are 5 electronic halls functioning in the library. A student quarter, consisting of 4 hostels, allows to provide living for foreign students.

MSUAB takes part in international projects and programs, realize exchanges of students, postgraduates, scientists and lectures of big institutions of higher education. Students from Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America study at the university.

The mission of the university is providing of a high skilled level of graduates, its integration into an all-Russian and international educational and research space, forming of high moral qualities of a person, purposeful getting and accumulation of new knowledge in the sphere of applied biotechnology and other spheres of activity of the university, dissemination of that knowledge in the decision of complex tasks in the development of the sector.

Moscow State University of Applied Biotechnology has the following structure:

  • Faculty of Applied Biotechnology:
    • Meat and meat products technology
    • Milk and dairy products technology
    • Fish and fish products technology
    • Biotechnology
    • Plastic and elastopolymer technology
    • Technology and design of the packaging industry
  • Faculty of Biotechnics:

    • Machinery and apparatuses of food productions
    ~Engineer on food equipment service
  • Faculty of Biotechnology Systems Automation:
    • Technological processes' and industries' automation
    ~Design and operation automation systems in applied biotechnology
    ~Control and measurement systems of certification and metrological support
    ~Automated systems of information handling and controlling
    ~Computerised systems and information processing networks in applied biotechnology
    ~Computerised systems and networks of economic information processing and operative production control
  • Faculty of Refrigerating Engineering and Technology:

    • Equipment and low temperature physics
    ~Refrigerating machines and installations
    ~Conditioning and life-ensuring systems
    ~Equipment and technology for cold treatment of food products
    ~Installation, operation and repairs of refrigerating machinery and conditioning systems
    • Services and technical operation of transport and technological machines and equipment (refrigerating installation, equipment and conditioning systems)
    • Safety of technological processes and industries
  • Faculty of Engineering and Economics:

    • Economy and management at the enterprise

    • Accounting and audit

    • Marketing

    • Management
  • Faculty of Veterinary and Sanitary:

    • Veterinary
    Qualification - Veterinary Physician
    ~Industrial and veterinary examination at the enterprises of meat industry
    ~Industrial and veterinary examination at the enterprises of dairy industry
    ~Industrial and veterinary examination at the poultry processing enterprises
    ~Veterinary medicine
    ~Veterinary and sanitary microbiology
    ~Veterinary and sanitary toxicology
    ~Veterinary and sanitary radiobiology
    • Standardisation and Certification (meat, dairy and fish industry)
    Qualification - Engineer
  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Faculty of Tuition by Correspondence:

    • Meat and meat products technology
    • Milk and dairy technology
    • Machines and apparatuses of the food industries
    • Economy and management at the enterprise
  • Preliminary Faculty
  • Faculty of Executive Training for Meat and Dairy Industry
  • Faculty of Advanced Training of the Teachers for Higher Educational Establishments
  • Institute of Entrepreneurship
  • Polytechnic Institute

Cities of training
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