Moscow State University of Civil Engineering

Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (MSUCE) is a modern scientific and educational centre implementing innovative technologies of management and education.

   The University is a national leader in the sphere of construction education heading the Educational and Methodological Association of Russian High Schools for Construction Education and the International Association of Higher Construction Institutions uniting 142 universities of Russia and the CIS countries. MSUCE proved its active position in the development of higher construction education in Russia by introducing new specialities and specializations demanded by the industry.

MSUCE is an organizational coordinator of scientific research for the high school sector of the construction science with the participation of architectural-and-constructional and technical universities of Russia.

   Developing the academic mobility of its students MSUCE trained more than 3,100 highly qualified specialists from 103 countries.

   Currently students from 53 countries study at MSUCE.

MSUCE is a major research center, which conducts comprehensive research work closely related to the theory and practice of construction engineering.

The organization of research and development at MSUCE is conducted by the Administration for the scientific and innovative activities.

The scientific innovation complex of MSUCE includes more than 40 research laboratories, 10 specialized and expert centers, and 2 scientific research institutes.

The university consists of 5 institutes and the following faculties and departments:


Institute of Construction and Architecture:

  • Industrial and civil engineering
  • Building technology
  • Engineering and architecture

Institute of Power, Water Recourses Systems and Environmental Construction:

  • Water supply and water disposal
  • Hydraulic power construction
  • Heat-and-power engineering.

Institute of Infrastructure of Civil Engineering:

  • Urban engineering
  • Heat and gas supply and ventilation
  • Mechanization and automation of construction

Institute of economics, management and information systems in civil engineering and real estate:

  • Economics and management in civil engineering
  • Information systems and technologies in civil engineering
  • Real estate management.

Institute of Basic Sciences

Branch of MSUCE in the city of Mytishchi

  • Faculty of industrial and civil engineering


Faculty of international education

Cities of training
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