Moscow State University of Design and Technology

Moscow State University of Design and Technology was founded in 1930 as the Training Institute of leather industry. Over the years, the university changed its name several times.

  • Faculty of chemical technologies and industrial ecology
    • Technology of plastic and elastomers treatment
    • Technology of leather and fur
    • Engineering protection of environment
    • Chemicla technology and biotechnology
  • Faculty of mechatronics and information technologies
    • Machines and instruments of textile and light industry
    • Automation of technological processes and productions
    • Systems of automatic projecting
    • Information technologies in design
    • Automation and administration
  • Faculty of technology of clothing manufacture
    • Designing of apparel
    • Technology of apparel
  • Faculty of economy and management
    • Management
    • Economy
    • Economy and management at enterprise
    • Accounting, analysis and audit
    • Economy of labor
    • Finances and credit

Cities of training
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  Mr. Karwan H.F Jwamer
   Kurdistan Region -Sulaimani-Iraq
        Tell: +07701428111
    P.O.Box 442