Moscow State University of Food Production

Moscow State University of Food Production (MSUFP) is the leading higher educational institution of Russia in training specialists for food processing industries of the Agro-Industrial Complex. MSUFP was founded in 1931. At present it is a prominent educational, research and manufacturing center. The student body includes over 5000 students. The teaching staff - 85 Doctors of Science, Professors, 280 Candidates of Science, Associate Professors. For the years of its functioning MSUFP has trained over 35 thousand graduated specialists (technological and mechanical engineers as well as economists), over 350 Doctors of Sciences and more than 2500 Candidates of Science. MSUFP comprises 3 institutes and 5 faculties (45 departments).



  • Technology and Production Management;
  • Equipment, Automation and Information Technologies;
  • Economics and Business Management.


  • Humanities and Social Sciences;
  • Foreign Students' Affairs;
  • Admissions Tutorial Center;
  • Part-time Education;
  • Professional Advancement and Retraining of Specialists.

  • Bachelor in Engineering and Technologies (Technology of Foods);
  • Bachelor in Engineering and Technologies (Chemical Technology and Biotechnology).
  • Duration of studies - 4 years.
  • Engineering specialties: Technology of Bread.
  • Confectionery and Pasta Goods;
  • Technology of Grain Storage and Processing;
  • Technology of Fermentation Processes and Wine Making; Technology of Fats;
  • Technology of Canning and Food Concentrates;
  • Technology of Sugary Substances;
  • Technology of Public Catering Foods;
  • Technology of Baby and Functional Foods;
  • Biotechnology;
  • Environmental Protection and Rational Use of Natural Resources;
  • Standardisation and Certification (in the Food Industry). Duration of studies - 5 years.


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