Omsk is a city and the administrative center of Omsk Oblast. It was founded in 1716. The population is 1 134 000 (2 place in Siberia, 8 - in the RF). 
The city is a large traffic and industrial center. Because of the great number of defence factories, many of which were opened during the years of the Great Patriotic War, the city was closed for tourists untill 1990. 

The climate is dry and continental, characterized by dramatic swings of weather.The average annual temperature is +1,7 C°. The most windy month is April, the most cloudy is October, the clearest is March. The average daily temperatures, taken over the past three decades, are 20 °C for July and -19 °C for January, although temperatures can reach 45 °C in summer and drop to -45 °C in winter. On average Omsk sees over 300 sunny days in any given year. Average annual rainfall is 315 millimetres.

There are 28 institutes of higher education, functioning in Omsk. Among them there are universities, academies and institutes. In 1932 Omsk Pedagogical Institute was opened for training teachers. From 1993 it has been known as Omsk State Pedagogical University.
In 1950 Omsk Physical Training Institute was opened. Now it  is Siberian Academy of Physical Culture.
Omsk State University was opened in 1974. 

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