Penza State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Penza State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering is the institution of higher education situated in Penza. More than 6 thousand students study there today. Since 1997 the rector of the university was a professor, Doctor of Science, academic of International Academy of sciences of Ecology, Human security and nature, corresponding member  Eremkin Alexander Ivanovich. There are 43 chairs at the university.

PSUACE is among 5 best construction institutions of higher education in Russia. Since 2010 the rector of PSUACE is Yu. P. Skachkov.  


Civil engineering

Engineering ecology

Economy and management

Automobile and road





Territory governing

Extramural and open education

Supplementary education

Supplementary professional education

Pre-university training

Teaching foreign citizens



  • Automobile and road institute:

    • Automobiles and automobile sector
    • Organization and traffic safety
    • Automobile roads and airfields
    • Service of transport and technological machines and equipment


  • Institute of Engineering and construction:

    • Information systems and technologies
    • Industrial and civil construction
    • Designing of buildings
    • Municipal construction and economy
    • Expert examination and property administration
    • Industrial and civil construction


  • Institute of engineering ecology:


o   Heat and gas supply and ventilation

o   Water supply and discharge

o   Hydrotechnical construction

o   Engineering environment protection


  • Institute of economy and management:


o   Economy and management at enterprise in construction

o   Management of organization

o   Marketing

o   Economy and management of enterprises on a transport


  • Faculty of architecture:


o   Interior art

o   Architecture

o   Design of surroundings

o   Design of suit


  • Faculty of territory administration:


o   Land management

o   Land cadastre

o   Municipal cadastre


  • Technological faculty:


o   Production of building materials, items and constructions

o   Standardization and certification

o   Technology of wood working

Cities of training
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