Russian State Social University

Russian State Social University (RSSU) was established following the Decree of the Government of Russian Federation of November 25. 1991. The University has become first and it is still the only one state social university in Russia, Baltic states and CIS. Chancellor and founder of Russian State Social University - Dr. Vasily Zhukov is an Academician of Russian Academy of Sciences and Honoured Scientists of Russian Federation.

In short time Russian State Social University was formed as a complex educational, scientific, research, informational and analytic centre which is able to solve tasks on a level of current demands. Russian State Social University is the main institution in the field of preparation personnel for social sphere. On the base of the University has been set up and functions educational and methodological association of institutions of Russia, which carry on educational activity on specialization "Social Work".

Russian State Social University was reckoned among 100 Best Institutions of Russia and was awarded the Golden Medal "European Quality".

The University applies a multilevel system of education: Pre-higher education (preparatory courses), Secondary professional education in 14 specialities (Social college), Higher education in 109 specialities (professions) including the second higher education offered by reduced-in-time programs, Post-higher education in 27 specialities (post-graduate study and doctorate-degree seekers, Qualification upgrading (additional qualification, qualification training).


  • Social medicine, adaptive physical training and sports
  • Arts and sociocultural activity
  • Labour and environment protection
  • Social work, pedagogy and juvenology
  • Social and Humanistic Sciences
  • Psychology, social medicine and rehabilitation technologies
  • Social management
  • Social security, economics and labour sociology
  • Jurisprudence and juvenile justice
  • Sociology
  • Further education
  • Foreign languages
  • Information technologies
  • Social college
  • Mathematics and informatics
  • Physical training and sports
  • Health insurance, economics and medical administration

Cities of training
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