State Polar Academy

State Polar Academy is an institution of higher education in St.Petersburg, founded in 1991.

The history of the foundation has been known in France since 1992. That's why in September 1997 the president of France Jacques Chirac met with students and lectures of the academy. During the meeting the issue of the North was touched upon, the president also marked a special role of nations of traditional cultures in the modern world and the importance of training of specialists from these nations.

The academy has the patronage of Paris which it received when Jacques Chirac was the mayor of the city. The president of France visited the academy twice during his official visits to the RF.

Today there study representatives of 57 nations of the RF. Multiethnic student team of the academy presents 59 regions of the federation and the near abroad.

After graduation students pass state exams and defend their degree works on the problems of the regions which they represent.

Qualified graduates get qualification in the direction of chosen specialty and return to their regions.

From the moment of the foundation the academy has graduated 1294 students.

In 2008 SPA was tested and as a result obtained state accreditation in 7 educational programs.



  • Faculty of economy:


o   Economy and finances

o   Philosophy, culturology and history

o   Higher mathematics and informatics


  • Faculty of management


o   State, municipal governing and administration

o   Sociology and psychology


  • Faculty of ecology and nature management


o   Geoecology

o   Ecology and nature management

o   Physical culture


  • Faculty of Philology


o   English language and literature

o   Inter-faculty chair of foreign languages

o   French language and literature

o   Russian language and literature

Cities of training
  "Our representatives"

  Mr. Karwan H.F Jwamer
   Kurdistan Region -Sulaimani-Iraq
        Tell: +07701428111
    P.O.Box 442