Samara State Academy of Social Sciences and Humanities

Samara State Academy of Social Sciences and Humanities founded in 1911 as Teaching Institute was the first Pedagogical Institution of higher education in the Volga region. Already in 1929 it comprised 3 faculties: Philological, Economics and Physics and Mathematics. In 1934-1935 the Kuibyshev Pedagogical Institute had 5 faculties with 11 different departments. Later on in 1956 it united with the Syzran (a town in the Samara region) Pedagogical Institute to become one of the most important establishments of higher education in the USSR. In 80s about 6000 students studied at 8 faculties. In 1994 it was renamed to Samara State Pedagogical University. In 2009 the institution got the status of Academy.

 Today the Academy is a unique integrated University of compound organization and one of the largest academic centers in the Volga region. The Academy serves 12,500 students with 12 faculties offering degree programmes. Students can choose from 28 majors. Among most popular degree courses are economics, management, psychology, computer science and foreign languages (English, German, French and Italian). The newest programmes include cross-cultural communication, psychology of advertising, teaching special needs students and Russian as a foreign language.


  • Department of Natural Science and Geography

Degree Programmes: Chemistry, Biology and Geography

  • Department of Special Education

Degree Programmes: Oligophrenopedagogics, Speech Therapy, Special Psychology, Tiphlopedagogics, Surdopedagogics

  • Department of History

Degree Programme: History

  • Department of Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science

Degree Programmes: Physics, Mathematics, Computer Sciences

  • Department of Primary Education

Degree Programmes: Pedagogics and Methods of Primary School Teaching, Pedagogics and Psychology, Pedagogics and Methods of Pre-School Teaching, Social Pedagogics

  • Department of Philological Education

Degree Programmes: Russian Language and Literature, Journalism

  • Department of Foreign Languages

Degree Programmes: English, German, French

  • Department of Management

Degree Programme: Management

  • Department of Psychology

Degree Programmes: Pedagogics and Psychology, Psychology

  • Department of Music and Fine Arts

Degree Programmes: Music, Fine Arts, Culture Studies, Ballet

  • Department of Economics

Degree Programme: Economic Theory

  • Department of Physical Culture

Degree Programmes: Physical Training, Physical Culture and Sport

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