Moscow State Technological Institute "STANKIN"

Moscow State Technological Institute "STANKIN" or Moscow Machine-Instrument Institute is one of the leading Russian technical institutes. The university was founded in 1930 to provide USSR with high class engineers of machinery. Soon STANKIN became the best machinery education centre and university which trains high class engineers in a wide range of areas.

Today "Stankin" is not only a place for study, it's a scientific industrial complex with Technological Design Institute of Informatic of RSA; there's also a system of scientific, educational and industrial centers, where students can realize their ideas. There're some strong and authoritative schools in "Stankin". It represents the main perspective in engineers and scientists training through post-graduate study (6 special Doctors and Bachelors Councils function under the university). Among 100 universities of Russia, "Stankin" is chosen the main one in the field of machine building technology, equipment and automatization of machine building industry". "Stankin" has got stable and always develops international relations with universities and firms from Austria, Brasilia, Hungary, Italy, China, USA, South Korea and other countries.

There are 3 faculties at Moscow State Technological Institute:

  • Faculty of machine building technologies and equipment
  • Faculty of information technologies and management system
  • Faculty of economy and management

Cities of training
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